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Bobby Chase

Bobby Chase is an award winning Producer/Director/Editor. His work has appeared on major networks such as CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, and The CW Network. Bobby is a graduate of Plattsburgh State University.  He then moved to New York City to work in the independent film industry and even interview comedy legends like Will Ferrell. This was of course until he ran out of money and was tired of sleeping on other people's couches (this happens to a lot of people, right?). 

He then moved back upstate where he grew up and began working as a Producer/Director for television. It was here that he honed his craft of video advertising, shooting and editing hundreds of television and web commercials.

Recent Projects

Co-creator of the comedy series, WELCOME HOME 

Winning Finalist for the Electric City Script Contest for his feature length comedy screenplay, KNIT WITS

Writer/Director of JACOB, a short film based on Bobby's experience the day he found his brother's body after taking his own life and how he managed to deal with it.

Cover article in Clifton Park Neighbors