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Jacob: The Story Of a Suicide Survivor

After finding his older brother's lifeless body, suicide prompts cathartic changes in a young man. A true story about discovering the importance of humor amongst life's darkest moments.

A short film based on real-life events that shook a small town and turned a family’s world upside down, Jacob illustrates the immediate shock, then darkness and angst, that disturb the minds of those in the aftermath of a suicide. It explores the emotional battle suicide survivors experience throughout the rest of their lives, one of the many unintended consequences of a life-ending decision.

Ultimately, Jacob reveals our ability as humans to move on with our pain in a healthy way, inspiring humans to overcome life’s darkest realities — oftentimes in the most unexpected ways. 

This painfully true look at the effect suicidal depression has on the people around the victim, the inspiration that continues to motivate suicide survivors, and the humor invoked to remember the light, even when it seems far away or even non-existent.

Take this emotional ride through the eyes of a survivor and dare to make sense of what’s left behind in the wake of a young adult suicide.

“This well-written, well-paced, well-shot, and well-edited short film has just the right balance of darkness and humor that audiences respond to.” - Dr. Rae Muhlstock - University at Albany, SUNY

"What remains as the biggest highlight of the film is its presentation of a very serious subject with such lightness that it’s hard to not bring a smile to your face, despite its adversity." - Indie Shorts Magazine

“…you may feel conflicted by the way it ends…conflicted is a good thing.” -

“I did not know what at all to expect and it just drew me in. I’m literally laughing and crying and not sure I should be doing either or both. It’s just so incredible in its honesty, but also in its humor.” - Kate Welshofer - Anchor WGRZ-TV

"The story of a suicide survivor is not an easy one to tell.

But Bobby Chase is making a go of it, weaving his own experience and commentary with a bit of humor to make it easier to swallow." - The Daily Gazette

“A sweet sadness that inspires hope while accepting loss. It’s incredibly well-paced and executed from a directing and editing standpoint.” – Matt Harrison - SAG-AFTRA 

“As someone who has had a long battle with depression, I appreciated this film. I cried the first time I watched it. It's hard for people who have lost family and friends to suicide understand where they should go and what they should do next.” - Samantha Ponzillo -

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