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Welcome Home

Television Series (Comedy)

"Welcome Home" is a new comedy series built on witty, crass humor that falls in line with TV hits "Modern Family" and "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." 

With a story that revolves around Ron, Justin, and Jen — old high school pals that find themselves living back in their same hometown in upstate New York —  and how the trio aims to put their best foot forward and make the most of their life-changing experiences.

Justin is a failed copywriter who’s forced to sell his apartment in Brooklyn and move back with his widowed mother, Janet. Upon the return to his childhood home, he’s greeted by his shirtless childhood babysitter Jared, who’s now dating his mother. Justin just wants to get back on his feet and out of his hometown, as well as for Jared to put a damn shirt on.

Jen has been living at home with her parents and her Alzheimer’s-stricken grandmother in order to save money for the wedding and house she plans on building with her fiancé Chris. When Chris stands her up on their wedding day, Jen’s life get’s flipped upside down. No she just wants to get out of her controlling parents' house, find a new man who’s not an asshole, and for her grandmother to remember to take her diaper off before showering.

Ron is living in the garage of his younger brother Bobby who inherited the house when their parents died a few years ago. Ron doesn’t have a whole lot of ambition. In fact, he’s a compulsive gambler who will bet on even the most obscure sports and everyday activities. Ron just wants to move out of the garage and into the main house, chase loose women, and relive his glory days as a star football player in high school. 

The series revolves around the never-ending effort of the three of them trying to better their lives and regain their status level in their home town.

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